Do you see it?

The beginning

Seeing for yourself




Opening the door.

What is it we really want?


There is a time or many times in our life when we ask - ’What is life 

and who am I?’

In our deeper moments surrounded by shallow experiences and surrogate symbols which we are encouraged to go after as the answer, we say “surely this is not it!”


But what is real life? What is the real thing? What is that lasting 

experience we instinctively know exists?

What is it that will give us that true sense of our real Selves. And what is it that gives us the feeling of our genuine worth without us having to prove anything to anyone but ourselves?

The answer to who we are is not dependant on any external material possessions or exceptional intelligence or any society recognized symbols.

Our attention has been diverted from our conscious awareness which is our natural powerful state.


Conventional wisdom directs our attention to lots of outward activity and achievement - power, possessions and pleasure. The underlying promise is that sensual experience will lead to fulfillment; our achievement's, our position, our wealth and our indulgences will lead to contentment and the recognition of others of ourselves will result in peace of mind and our own acceptance of ourselves.

This is clearly untrue.

Stop the headlong rush.

Consciously look for yourself.  


Conventional wisdom is conventional ignorance.

So many people who do achieve what we have been taught would be the ultimate experience of who we are and what we are worth end up mentally stressed and empty inward, sometimes to the point of suicide.

Are we looking in the wrong direction? Has our attention been hijacked?


Material success, physical prowess, intellectual achievement or anything else out here as a means of fulfilment is found by those who have succeeded to be a ladder against the wrong wall. It retains its illusionary promise of fulfilment only because those who have ‘achieved’ cannot or will not admit to those who are climbing that way that they have found no contentment or happiness - only emptiness.

The experience we long for is our own conscious experience of our real Self. Our real Self needs no outward confirmation.

We have been brought up with a one story material view of who we should be and what experience will make us feel whole. It has not worked for the people who told it to us or for the people who told it to them. It has never worked. The saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and hoping for a different result, if true, proves our collective insanity.


Are you are looking to experience your real Self and with it the essence of Life? The following pages may be the portal you are looking for.

Be cautious! You may never return to your present state.