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Seeing for yourself



The Real You


Uncovering the Real You

What is happening to us?  

Mass ignorance is being promoted. Public thought is controlled. Private thought is increasingly monitored and threatened. This is an era of deception. Our lives are being lived in a virtual prison.

Being blinded and weakened, we are caught in a mental world of induced false beliefs. In this post truth information age how do we regain and retain a conscious hold of what really is?

There is a way.

The weakness of this engineered mind trap we are falling into is that it is only active when the mind is active. It is a thought trap. Still the mind and the virus free consciousness takes its place.

With some mental stillness and being consciously aware of the resulting light of our own insight, we can begin to see through this engineered false reality. Our authentic self appears. It is solid ground.  It is a beautiful space.

We can escape our ignorance - here and now. Ignorance is the enemy.

We know so much yet understand so little.                                 ____________________________________________________________   

Escaping the ignorance

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