The Real You

Return to Consciousness.

A Practical Guide.

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Words are just words. Theories are just theories.

Theories put into words do not make the truth.

There is a deeper dimension to life.

In it Reality is experienced.

Know with certainty by consciously ‘seeing’ for yourself. Know life from what you ‘see’ rather than just believing what you are told.


What we are all ultimately seeking is conscious contentment and fulfillment within ourselves.

Yet we search for it in the outer turbulent experiences of a life of things as though that is all there is.  

There is this space of pure energy. It is beyond what your logic can tell you and your senses can show you. It is that inner formless conscious space you become aware of in those moments of complete mental stillness.

This quiet still space of power and peace is our default state. We do not have to create it. It already is. We only need to return to it. This starts by stilling our mind.

As the mind stills we consciously begin to ‘see’ things as they are.

Stage by stage life opens up to us.

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