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The Seeing Individual

    ‘exploring existence’

Truth is neither heard nor read – it is seen.

                                                                                                                           James Allen

I was brought up unconsciously in an  unconscious time.

It was a “I know best and you do as you are told” time .The church said it, the government said it, the schools said it, the parents said it. It was a time of cliché wisdom on the benefits of conformity. And the dangers of being an individual.

“But…..” was met with hostility.

No one encouraged one with “Be yourself”.

Most of my generation blindly entered the limited space of their sightless mentors. Drugged with convention they lived a life of fruitlessly seeking fulfilment in empty society approval and missed living a real life.

The present ‘Information Generation” is fairing no better. The world is awash with information masquerading as understanding and awareness.

In the same darkness of ignorance this generation finds itself stumbling in the same popular unconsciousness of their limited identity. Drugged this time with information, they live in the same cramped barrenness in a modern form.

The generations come and go - the unconsciousness remains.

With some inner stillness you can get to ‘see’ and unconsciousness no longer engulfs you.

‘See’ for yourself. Occupy that unbounded space of an uncovered consciousness -  which is your real Self.