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Find yourself and be yourself.

This is the essential nature and experience of life.

Making sense of life is not an intellectual excise. It is not a building of concepts. It is not an act of mental brilliance.

You ‘see’ what is when your mind is still.

Understanding or Insight or ‘seeing the light’ comes about through an inner stillness.  

Once we begin to experience this conscious perception with inner stillness everything starts to make sense. It is an awakening from blind ignorance.

If you have already started down this road of conscious awakening you will see others around you experience only the surface turmoil of life. Their attention goes no deeper than the superficial, fleeting experiences. Reality for them is the evidence of the five senses alone. Here they seek meaning. From here they assess life. Without any increase of conscious insight they live out their lives in bewildered turbulence.

We may talk and reason all our lives but we shall not understand a word of truth until we experience it for ourselves.

Experience is the only teacher we have.

Peaceful joy instead of perplexity comes about with the aware control of one’s attention and stillness to experience consciously.

If you have the calling to look deeper, follow it. It is a rare gift.